Our Stories



Peter is a wonderful artist. He is always working on a new project and eager to share his new creations. He has respiratory issues and is totally homebound due to his dependence on oxygen. Peter has been hospitalized a few times in recent months and is totally dependent on his meals arriving hot at lunch time. He is always appreciative and often very eager to eat immediately. It is difficult to watch these larger than life adults become totally dependent on others. I have the most admiration toward our clients and am truly honored to serve these needy and deserving people.


hospital bed

Joan is a wonderful sweetheart. She is on the 1st floor and homebound.  Her bedroom now is in her dining room. She no longer is able to walk around without assistance and tends to become depressed often. A huge uplifting smile comes upon her saddened face when her MOWCC volunteers arrive to spend a few moments with her. She has even asked  volunteers to visit when they aren't delivering.


senior woman

Doris is 98 and lives with her son who has kidney disease.  They both get meals.  Doris' daughter lives in another state and calls often to thank us for providing meals to her mother and brother.  She feels better knowing that they are getting a hot meal and someone sees them each day.



Gary is a kind man who lives in a small two-room apartment.  He has a ramp but is mostly bound to his wheelchair since he is an amputee.  Only recently has he been using his prosthetic leg. He graciously greets his Meals on Wheels volunteers as he depends on his hot meal daily.



Mary has had a stroke and has trouble getting to the door. Our volunteers bring her meal to the back door and put it on her table. Many times she asks them to open it and cut the meat.  

Often our volunteers become very attached to the clients and look forward to seeing them as much as they look forward to getting their meals.



James lives in one room of a house.  He does his dishes in the bathroom sink.  Oxygen tanks and laundry fill his small room.

He depends on Meals on Wheels and looks forward to the brief visit from the volunteers.

These are just a few of the many stories we hear.  It is wonderful to hear that something as small as delivering a meal and a smile can make someone's day and be a "life saver".