Frequently Asked Questions From Our Clients

What is Meals on Wheels?

Meals on Wheels of Chester County (MOWCC) is a nonprofit organization providing supplemental meals (Monday through Friday at lunchtime) for home-bound residents of Chester County, PA.

Who may receive meals?

Anyone, regardless of age or economic status, who is homebound, handicapped, or convalescing from an illness or operation and is unable to prepare a nutritious meal, is eligible.

When are meals delivered?

Hot meals are delivered to each individual home Monday through Friday between 10:45am and 1:00pm.

Who prepares the meals?

MOWCC does not have its own kitchen.  We purchase meals from 13 different food providers.

Each community has a different food provider/source which prepares meals for its local area. Sources include hospitals and rehabilitation centers, nursing and retirement homes, a school, and a restaurant.  A client receives meals from the provider near where they live.

Who delivers the meals?

A friendly visitor will deliver the meal to the home. This service is performed by volunteers in each community who use their own vehicles.  Every volunteer receives a background check and training before starting.

How Can Recipients Contribute Toward The Cost Of Their Meals?

MOWCC does ask each client for a donation toward the cost of their meals.  The amount requested depends on what the chapter must pay their food provider per meal.  

Of course, if the client is unable to contribute, and there is no one else who can help, the chapter will absorb the cost.  Donations help each individual chapter maintain funds to serve as many home-bound residents as needed.  The cost of the meal varies from chapter to chapter ranging from $3.20 to $6.00 per day.