Chester County Commissioners

We are very thankful to our local government for their support! Each year our Chester County commissioners: Michelle Kichline, Josh Maxwell and Marian Moskowitz provide Meals on Wheels of Chester County with a contract to help us cover our expenses. This funding covers approximately 30% of our administrative budget.


The rest of the funding comes from foundations, grants and generous individuals around the county.

Chester County Commissioners

Commissioners:  Michelle Kichline, Josh Maxwell and Marian Moskowitz

Chester County Department of Aging Services

Our Chester County Department of Aging (CCDAS) provides many services and information for residents age 60 and over including Apprise Medicare Counseling, Domiciliary Care, Family Caregiver Support, PACE, Ombudsman Program, Waiver Programs, Protective Services, and more. 

Visit their website to access links to other information regarding Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid, Adult Vaccines, Community Resources, Events, etc.

To Find Out More, click here.

To Find Out More, click here.

Funding Sources

Government Contracts

Our government contracts come from two sources.   The first is from our CC Department of Aging as explained above.  The second government funding comes from the state waiver program.  Recently, the state of Pennsylvania selected 3 managed care organizations (MCO):  Keystone First, PA Health and Wellness, and UPMC to aid Medicaid consumers with their health care, nursing home care, or in-home services (like Meals on Wheels).  The consumer selects one of the 3 MCOs.  They also can change their MCO at any time.

If your case manager has determined you qualify for waiver and you require Meals on Wheels, the MCO you selected will pay for your meals.  For you, as a waiver consumer, your meals are free.  For us, it means your insurance will reimburse us for the cost of your meals.

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If you are elderly, disabled, or qualify for both Medicaid and Medicare and live in Pennsylvania, Community HealthChoices will help improve your health, safety, and wellness by coordinating Health Care, Behavioral Health Care, and Long Term Services & Supports.  


Foundations and Grants

Meals on Wheels of Chester County submits grant requests annually to a variety of local foundations.  We depend on our generous partners who share our mission of fighting hunger and food insecurity in the county.


We mail an annual fundraising letter to individuals and businesses in the community who have expressed an interest in supporting those less fortunate and in need of food.    

According to the 2017 Census, there are approximately 82,048 Chester County residents age 65 and over. MOW anticipates that this statistic will continue to rise.   MOWCC is looking for ways to respond to the expected increase in the client base and how to meet the increasing financial needs. 


In-kind refers to services provided other than money.  In our case, this refers to the many hours our volunteers give in delivering meals to our clients.  If it were not for our volunteers, we would have to hire someone to deliver meals.  That cost is our "in-kind" expense.

Statistics for Fiscal Year 2018-2019

Meals On Wheels of Chester County is truly a volunteer-driven agency. Our volunteers are the heart and hands of what we do.