Frequently Asked Questions From Our Volunteers

What do I do if I am missing a meal?

Always check the number of meals before leaving the food provider to deliver your route. If anything is missing, ask someone in the kitchen to get you another meal, or whatever you need.

If I cannot drive on my scheduled day, who do I call?

If you have a list of drivers, please try to trade with someone for a different day. Most chapters have a volunteer chairperson you can call if you cannot find a sub. Or you can call the main office at:

(610) 430-8500 to let them know a substitute is needed.

What do I do if the client does not answer the door?

First try calling the client. Maybe they did not hear you knock. If no answer, DO NOT leave the meal unless the client has provided an insulated container with a secure lid. Give the extra meal to another client and notify the main office at (610) 430-8500 whenever a meal is not delivered so we can follow up on the client’s safety.

What do I do if the client is seriously ill or needs help?

If it is an emergency, dial 911 and stay with them until help arrives. Never try to move someone if they have fallen. If you are concerned about them, call the main office, or the client's emergency contact.

NOTE:  If you know the client is on hospice, DO NOT call 911.  The hospice number should be called instead.

What if a client tells me they want to cancel meals?

Please call your chapter chairperson or the main office at 610-430-8500.

What if the weather is bad and I prefer not to drive?

Your safety is very important to us. Please do not drive if road conditions seem dangerous. If a client’s driveway or sidewalk is not plowed, you can skip that person and give the meal to someone else. Just let the office know who did not receive a meal. 

If schools in your area close for the day, we cancel deliveries. However, for a 1 or 2 hour delay, we still deliver.