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What Is Meals On Wheels?
Meals on Wheels is a nonprofit program, whose mission is to deliver already prepared, nutritionally well-balanced meals to homebound residents of Chester County.

Who May Receive Meals?
Anyone, regardless of age or economic status, who is homebound, handicapped, or convalescing from an illness or operation and is unable to prepare a nutritious meal, is eligible.

When Are Meals Delivered?
Hot meals are delivered to each individual home Monday through Friday between 10:45am and 1:00pm.

How Can Recipients Contribute Toward The Cost Of Their Meals?
Each of the 20 Meals on Wheels chapters is semi-autonomous. A volunteer from the chapter will ask for a donation from the client, either weekly or monthly. The amount requested depends on what the chapter must pay their food provider per meal. Of course, if the client is unable to contribute, and there is no one else who can help, the chapter will absorb the cost. Donations help each individual chapter maintain funds to serve as many homebound residents as needed. The cost of the meal varies from chapter to chapter, but the average cost is approximately $4.06 for a hot, well-balanced, nutritional meal.

Who Prepares The Meals?
Each community has a different food source, which prepares meals for its local area. Sources include hospitals and rehabilitation centers, nursing and retirement homes, a caterer for an adult day care center, a food service provider, and a restaurant.

Who Delivers The Meals?
A friendly visitor will deliver the meal to the home. This service is performed by volunteers in each community who use their own vehicles.

To What Areas Do You Deliver?
A complete listing of our Delivery Service areas is available on our Delivery Areas page. If you’re unsure if your home falls within one of our delivery areas, contact us at 610-430-8500 so we can help.

How Can I Volunteer?
We are always looking for compassionate volunteers. Learn about our volunteer opportunities on the How to Volunteer page.

How Can I Donate To MOWCC?
Donating to MOWCC is easy! Please refer to the How to Donate page for more information.

To learn more about how you can enroll yourself or someone you know in the Meals On Wheels of Chester County program, please contact us at 610-430-8500 or fill out the Client Referral Form.

What Other Services Are Available To Chester County Seniors?

If you are over age 60, there are many services available to you through the Chester County Department of Aging (CCDAS). To learn about these programs, contact the CCDAS at 610-344-6350 or visit their website:

Visit our new LINK page to see a list of our supporters and link to other helpful organizations in Chester County: click here


We could use your warm smile to serve our hot meals!
Meals On Wheels of Chester County is truly a volunteer-driven agency. Our volunteers are the heart and hands of what we do. If you’d like to become a Meal On Wheels volunteer, please click here to fill out a form or contact us at 610-430-8500.